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Monopoly’s Roots as a Teaching Game at Wharton

“A virtue of gaming that is sometimes overlooked by those seeking grander goals is its unparalleled advantages in training and educational programs. A game can easily be made fascinating enough to put over the dullest facts. To sit down and play through a game is to be convinced as by no argument, however persuasively presented.”  — A.M. Mood

e-OPEQ: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Remote Delivery

When the COVID-19 crisis forced all Wharton courses and classes online in March, many faculty members were caught off-guard and scrambled to adapt their in-person lectures and labs for distance learning. Naturally, the Learning Lab saw an opportunity to help. Our team immediately got to work identifying universally applicable business simulations that could be set-up ...Read More

Pivot or Perish: How to Survive the Retail Apocalypse

Twitter thread by Neil Saunders, of GlobalData Retail, on Macy's Feb. 4 re-org announcement. Suffice it to say that Macy’s did not get what it wanted for Christmas, and is taking it pretty hard. In early February, following a disappointing holiday sales season, the legacy retailer announced it will close...Read More

uSciences e-Learning 3.0 Conference: “This is Not (Just!) a Simulation”

Over the past few decades, online learning has evolved from the so-called 1.0 phase (in-person classes augmented by static web pages and PDFs) to the more revolutionary 2.0 stage (i.e., the dawn of online courses, classroom-blended “talking head” videos, and rudimentary analytics) to today, as the 3.0 era (high-tech custom learning experiences) begins to take ...Read More

VR in the Classroom: If We Get This Right, Nobody Explodes

STAY TUNED: This is the first of a few “insider” posts with IT Tech Director Joe Lee, as he looks at the educational use of Oculus Go through the lens of the Wharton Learning Lab…   Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a cooperative, team-based game where one player is trapped with a ticking time bomb that ...Read More

Guest Post: Student Researcher Cracks Open the Case for Classroom AR

As the Learning Lab continues to explore applications for augmented reality (AR) in higher ed – specifically, in the business-school setting – we are eager to give voice to fresh perspectives and innovative experimentation with the technology. This week we’re excited to hand our blog space over to Wharton student Jesse Cui, who recently served ...Read More