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Learning and Technology Symposium 2009

Wharton Learning and Technology Symposium 2009

Wharton Learning Lab in conjunction with other members of Wharton Computing prepares for the first Learning and Technology Symposium to be held May 13th, 2009. This half-day symposium is titled, “The Evolution of Learning: New World, New Expectations, New Opportunities” and will explore ways to re-imagine the function of higher education given the changing status of the world.
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03/11/09: Tragedy of the TUNA Goes International

The Learning Lab’s Tragedy of the TUNA simulation enjoyed its first international deployment at the Indian School of Business under the lead of Professor Gireesh Shrimali. It was a positive learning experience for all parties involved and the Learning Lab hopes to continue on a path to increase external outreach in the future.

11/22/08: German MBA Students Experience Learning Lab Simulation

The German MBA Conference 2008 was held at Huntsman Hall from November 21st – 23rd, 2008. For one of the sessions on the 22nd, Michael Dreimann WG’10 organized a Learning Lab Simulation run of Tragedy of the TUNA with faculty author Professor Eric Orts providing his debrief. The students learned the importance of cooperation and preservation of resources in a closed system where those resources are limited.