Author Maurice Schweitzer

Illustrate fundamental negotiation concepts through this fun, interactive, two-party negotiation game!

Developed in collaboration with Prof. Maurice Schweitzer — an award-winning Wharton faculty member whose research focuses on negotiations, emotions, and ethical decision making — Hearts is an immersive, multi-player negotiating exercise (conducted on a smartphone or tablet) that teaches the art and science of creating good agreements.

Hearts Negotiation Interface


This easy-to-learn, web-based game puts students into the role of either a buyer or as seller of fine art, with respective interests in a particularly hard-to-price painting (i.e., “Hearts”). Both players are confidentially outfitted with a detailed background depicting their objectives and motivations, with enough realistic nuances that the stage is set for a dynamic, high-stakes deal-making process.


Designed to reveal fundamental concepts about negotiations, such as the bargaining zone, thecritical nature of first offers, concession patterns, and the importance of exchanging information, Hearts engages students in a way that helps them develop a deeper understanding of core negotiating skills while they learn to navigate the art of the deal.


In addition, the game comes equipped with a highly interactive facilitator debrief that makes it easy to drill down into how students’ decisions and tactics affected their outcomes, and illustrate the results of various negotiation dances that take place throughout the simulation in order to bring the lessons learned to life.

Debriefing Screen for Hearts

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