As of Fall 2008, more than 30 faculty members, including department chairs and some of our most senior professors, have worked with the Learning Lab to develop new applications, while many more have adopted the products in their courses. Over 30 computer-based tools have been used by seven academic departments in more than 35 Wharton courses, resulting in over 38,000 student touches. The departments using Learning Lab applications include: Accounting, Business & Public Policy, Finance, Operations and Information Management, Marketing, Management, and Statistics. The applications themselves span a diverse range of categories including: auctions, real-time trading, complex modeling, prisoner’s dilemma simulations, tragedy of the commons scenarios, single player setups, synchronous multiplayer competitions, turn-based applications, online tools, and courseware.

Beyond Wharton classrooms, the Learning Lab’s commercial product, OTIS, is also enjoying increasing success. After several years on the market, the current version of OTIS is used by approximately 2,000 students per semester in more than 80 colleges and universities. OTIS has extended its services outside the United States to include educational institutions in Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.