Startup Game

Students role-play as either a company founder, investor, or employee, and spend a class session negotiating deals with each other

The Startup Game provides a fun and interactive way for students to learn about the process of forming a company, focusing on valuation, determining appropriate employee mix, and questions about retention of equity. Students receive a role before class starts, with supporting information based on the type of role.

Employees receive information about professional goals and salary requirements. Investors may receive information about desired rates of return and specific sectors of focus. Company founders have a set of skills that are especially desired and funding requirements that they have to meet.

When class begins, students talk with each other to make deals. This period is typically fast-paced, lively, and loud! After this period is over, company founders record their employees and investors.

The instructor then shows several charts which compile and summarize the data, discussing skill set, employee equity, company diversity, and funding versus retained equity.