FutureView (2016-’17)

By playing the role of a consumer, students learn information acceleration techniques used to market new products
FutureView Intro

How do you market a product that’s entirely new — a product that’s unlike anything currently on the market? How do you determine who might buy it, what conditions are necessary for its success, or what features are most important?

Wharton’s FutureView presents a rich, web-based multimedia environment that demonstrates how “information acceleration” can help to develop quantitative marketing data for new categories of products.

FutureView is a faculty-configurable learning environment that lets students learn about information acceleration by letting them experience information acceleration techniques firsthand.

In Part I of FutureView, the consumer views a sequence of news items, articles, and video segments that move him forward into the world in which autodrive technology is a reality. FutureView’s opening video sets the stage by defining the problem: even though we build more roadways, they remain crowded and congested. The consumer begins by viewing a series of future articles and publications showing the development of autodrive technology. Articles and news clips unfold the story of the development of the automated highway system through a series of different media accounts and from various perspectives.